Create Account/Prospect

Create Accounts and Prospects from your Web-based Dashboard or from your RepMove app

Web-based Dashboard

  1. Go to Accounts & Prospects on the left navigation bar.Acc&Prosp

  2. Click the green '+' on the top right and select Create accounts/

  3. Populate the data, select the Type, and click SaveCreate Accounts/Prospects pop-up


  1. Open your RepMove app and click the top right '+' icon.
  2. Select either account or prospect and fill in the fields. You can also tap the icon to the top right of the screen to automatically scan a business card to populate the fields. 

    acc addphonebusiness card scan
  3. You can add an address directly from the map by tapping the map pin in the Search Address bar and selecting the location of the Account/Prospect you want to add.
    map pin address phone-1map pin address in map phone