How to Add Multiple Contacts to an Account

How to add multiple Contacts from the Web-based Dashboard and the App

To add Contacts, you first have to Create Accounts/Prospects.

Web-based Dashboard

  1. Go to your RepMove Web-based Dashboard and select Accounts & Prospects. Select an Account.Account List Web
  2. Go to Contacts.Account Details  Web
  3. Hit the green '+' icon in the top left. Contact List Web
  4. Populate the Data and hit Save.Contact 1 Web
  5. If you want to add another Contact, hit the green 'icon' and repeat the page with Jeremy WebContact 2 Web
  6. Now you have your Contacts saved under your Account. You can edit and delete them at any time by hitting the 'pencil' page with 2 contacts Web


  1. Open your RepMove app and go to your account List.
    Account List
  2. Select an Account and tap Contacts to open the Contact List.Account DetailsContact List
  3. Tap Create Contact and populate the data or scan a business card. Then tap Save.Contact 1business card
  4. Your Contact will appear in the list. To add another one, tap the 'three dots' symbol in the top right corner and select Manage Contacts.
    contact page with JeremyManage Contacts
  5. Scroll down and hit Add Another Contact, populate the data, and hit Save.Add Another ContactContact 2