Quick Start Guide

Get started with RepMove

Welcome to RepMove! We’re excited you’ve joined us. This guide is meant to help you get comfortable with our app so you can see success as quickly as possible. 

Let’s get started. 

How to Create an Account or Prospect

  1. Open your RepMove app and click the top right '+' icon.
  2. Select either account or prospect and fill in the fields. You can also tap the icon to the top right of the screen to automatically scan a business card to populate the fields. 

    acc addphonebusiness card scan
  3. You can add an address directly from the map by tapping the map pin in the Search Address bar and selecting the location of the Account/Prospect you want to add.
    map pin address phone-1map pin address in map phone

You can learn how to add your accounts/prospects on our Web-based Dashboard here.

Import your Data

It's best to import your data through our web-based dashboard on a desktop/laptop.

You can use your own spreadsheet, or you can use our spreadsheet template to upload your data.

First, sign in to your account.

  1. Go to the Accounts & Prospects tab on the left navigation.Accs&Prosp
  2. Click the green '+' icon in the top right and select Import Accounts/Prospects.Click the plus in the top right
  3. Select the Owner of the Data, choose if you want to import as accounts or prospects, then click Select File to Upload.Select the Owner of the Data
  4. Upload your spreadsheet and map your data to the corresponding fields.map your data
  5. Click Save.
    Click Save

Depending on how many accounts/prospects you are importing, this process can take a few minutes.

If incorrect data is present (such as a bad address or the absence of a required field), a report will appear above your data, explaining what rows on your spreadsheet need to be fixed.

Let's Start your first day

There are generally two ways to work your sales day using RepMove.

Option One

  1. On your Home tab use the map to find the Accounts/Prospects you want to add to your daily route and tap Add to Daily Route.
    Map no route phone add to daily route
  2. Select the date for your route and hit Save.
    calendar daily route phone
  3. Once you've selected all the accounts and prospects for the day, tap the green Daily Route button on the Home tab.
    Map no route phone daily route
  4. You can tap Optimize, which will reorganize your stops for the most time-effective route, and add tasks to your visits. Then tap Go!
    Daily route-Add final
  5. Slide your start location card to the left and head to your first stop. Add notes to complete your stops as you navigate through your day.
    Daily route-Start End 14 phone note

Option Two

  1. On your Home tab, tap the green Daily Route button over the map.
    Map no route phone daily route
  2. Tap Create Daily Route.
    Daily route-noroutephone
  3. Add your starting and ending locations represented by green and red flags respectively and then add the accounts or prospects you'd like to add by tapping the checkbox.Daily route-Add
  4. Hit the check mark in the top right corner when you're done.Daily route-circle
  5. Tap Optimize to create the most time-effective route, add tasks to your visits, and tap Go!
    Daily route-Add final
  6. Slide your start location card to the left and head to your first stop. Add Notes to complete your stops as you navigate through your day.
    Daily route-Start End 14 phone note
    RepMove's Sales Pro plan provides you with more advanced features like the ability to draw and customize routes and save your planned routes as recurring routes.
    location showcase

If you need personalized assistance with setting up and getting ready, our customer support team is always happy to help, just set up a call with us!